My Clients

Since 2010, I’ve offered my copywriting and marketing skills to a diverse group of clients within the natural health and wellness industry; developing customized strategies and innovative marketing plans that achieve significant results and drive success.

Check out some of the wonderful clients I’ve partnered with below, and contact me today to find out how I can help you with your marketing needs.


I have written copy such as nutrient profiles and articles for Healthspan - the UK’s largest direct supplier of quality vitamins, minerals and health supplements.

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Plentywell had a specific vision when I became their Editor in 2017. Through our creative and innovative collaboration, with a focus on natural anti-aging content, I managed to bring this vision to life with exceptional results.  


I greatly enjoyed collaborating with HealthExpress as it was both professionally challenging and rewarding. My research into the target market of health, lifestyle and wellness enabled me to produce consistent and exceptional results for the company and sister sites.

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Through my creative and innovative collaboration with the UK’s leading online natural supplement company, I have researched and produced articles, social media updates, newsletters and press releases for various health information websites. This has helped thousands of people to discover natural healing methods that can benefit their health and wellbeing.