How To Make Your Business More Social

The rise of social media surprised everyone when it emerged just over a decade ago, but in truth perhaps it isn’t all that shocking that it has taken the world by storm…

People love engaging with one another and connecting through social media is just one of many tools in the modern world that we can now use to spread our message and communicate about our beliefs, branding and products.

Twitter, Facebook and Google+are the tools needed to amplify the message to our intended audience, so we should use them whenever we get the chance.

Everyone seems to be caught in the buzz that social media brings and any company that wants to connect with modern consumers is aware of the importance of following its simple three-step process:

1) Blogging regularly

2) Building a social following

3) Sharing the blogs on social media to connect and engage with the audience on a daily basis

This 3-step formula is all about building and creating a sense of trust between businesses and consumers. It’s no longer good enough to have a website and expect visitors to come along – if you want to build a business, especially for small start-ups, then it’s vital to get on social media. But what do you share…and how do you go about it? Here are some tips to get started…

Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+

The key to sharing on social media is to get the foundations right. Set up your facebook business page according to your requirements and then do the same with Twitter and Google+. Depending on the type and size of your company you may also wish to assign someone the task of Social Media Manager to look after your pages and to post content regularly.

Connect your audience

You do this by ensuring that all posts from your website are connected to your social media channels so that every time you write a blog post, it is automatically shared onto your facebook or twitter account, without any extra effort on your behalf.

Share your story

People love stories and interacting with posts that engage or stimulate them for the better. This could be visually in the form of photos, videos…or mentally in the form of articles, blog posts, studies, etc. When sharing on social media, know who your audience is and talk to them directly. Be clear, concise, honest – and they will come to know and trust you from the beginning. Why not write your company bio if you don’t already have one and break it down into a series of tweets to share across twitter? Or add your bio to your facebook page timeline with the date that the company launched.

Find inspiring content

Life can be rather humdrum from time to time and people often use social media to feel uplifted or inspired, entertained, educated or informed in some manner. Where possible, always try to think outside of the box about what your audience would love to see on your social pages. If you’re a holistic health company, why not post interesting detox recipes you may find on Pinterest or Yummly?

Spiritually uplifting quotes can brighten someone’s mood or take them out of their current mode of thinking. Animal or pet pictures and videos are always popular to share for the ‘cute factor’. While posts sharing any gifts/offers or competitions in exchange for spending x amount in store can entice people into engaging with your page and coming back again and again.

Prepare in advance

You want to be engaging with your audience on a regular basis, daily if possible – but not oversharing. 1-2 posts a day is ideal, but any more than that and you may annoy your fans and they may be tempted to hit the ‘Unlike’ button. If you’re too busy to think about sharing on social media on a daily basis, then it’s a good idea to prepare a content calendar in advance.

This way, you know exactly what has been posted and what needs to go out. You can even get social scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Sproutsocial that takes the hard work out of posting for you so you never fall behind with content management.

Enjoy the Engagement

The more you engage with your audience, the quicker your social media pages will grow and the more people you will have to see and share your message. By focusing in on a niche you can begin to grow your potential customer base and they in turn will expand your business for you.

When you have an effective social media campaign the results start accumulating and you should see your fan numbers and ultimately, your sales conversions increase as a natural side effect. Don’t push anything, value your audience and they will value you in return. Now all you need to remember is to be consistent, as that’s how successful businesses are made!

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