What’s Your ‘Drive’? Tips To Increase Your Branding

We all do things that drive us forward in life. From waking up in the morning to making ourselves look presentable in the mirror before stepping out the front door, everything we do is looking outwardly in the hope of showing ourselves to others in the best possible light. Ultimately the purpose of this is to encourage others to identify and communicate – connect with us.

In the same way, your company’s branding operates in the same manner. Your website is your brand’s ‘face’ that presents itself to the world. What message are you conveying to visitors who happen to come across it? Below are some tips to always bear in mind…

Focus on the benefits. People want to know who you are and what you can do for them. If you run a supplement or natural health site for example, then it makes sense that your website should contain information on these topics.

Your website design should focus on these elements – nature, wellbeing and holistic healing that conveys imagery relating to this. Images can speak louder than words and should be an integral part of building ‘brand you’.

Provide value. Ensure that your audience come back to you time and again by giving them tremendous value and information they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

This might mean sending them a free ebook ‘The 7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Naturally’ or perhaps an ‘Easy to Follow Guide on Giving up Gluten’ amongst other examples, when people sign up to your newsletter.

Basically you want to pique your reader’s interest and keep giving to your readers. In this way you start to build a relationship of trust with your audience and they establish you as an authority within your niche.

Make them feel, not just think about issues. Present your viewpoint to the world, back it up with logic and then use emotion to influence your audience into coming around into your way of thinking or seeing a topic from your stance. You do this by addressing your audience’s needs and values first and foremost.

What is your audience concerned about? What is my audience worried over – are greenhouses gases and climate change at the top of their minds or are they more influenced by what’s happening in Kim Kardashian’s world this week?

Profile your readers. You can get a good idea of who your audience is by engaging with them and finding out who they are. Ask them to fill in short surveys in exchange for a free gift or a chance to win vouchers, etc. You’ll want to find out some basic demographics as this will greatly help with your marketing efforts and then you can adjust your writing style accordingly.

Although most marketers have a basic idea of how they should do this, some are pleasantly surprised by the results and often find they need to adapt their marketing criteria considerably. Overall, this is a great tool to help you engage with your readers.

Connect on a daily and weekly basis. Your readership should be like your family and you will want to keep dropping in and updating them from time to time. Share with them the latest company news, exciting deals, offers, updates and they will not only want to open your emails but they will come to respect your brand and then start purchasing from you too.

One naturally leads on from the other in that way – so just go with it. Set yourself a schedule, commit to it daily and watch your company’s success grow as a result.

Be personable. Know what your brand stands for, communicate your values and never share anything risque or inappropriate. You don’t want to alienate your readership; think of them as people not numbers and address your audience as if you would a friend or family member. In this way you’re connecting with them on a level they can relate to.

Be positive. The world is full of doom and gloom as it is. We see it every day on the news. Your brand shouldn’t be associated with any negative connotations. Instead you want your readers to relate to you positively, as providing the solution to all of their problems.

Remember you are offering a public service to your readership – and this is a very positive thing! I hope the above tips are useful. If you can think of any more, feel free to share. I welcome all feedback.

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