Is Your Copy Speaking ‘Brand You’?

When you look at your content, is it representative of your brand’s message? Do you manage to express meaning out of every syllable and word? Depending on who you are and what you are representing, your brand’s message can be powerful or it can be dismissive of you or your client’s unique potential.

What you want at every stage of the writing process is accurate, well written copy that’s going to inform, educate or persuade your audience that your brand is knowledgeable, trustworthy or capable of any number of other positive qualities to offer your potential audience.

In your copy writing, the focus should always be on who your intended audience is, their values and how they may potentially interact with your message. At all times, try and understand what kind of content your readership expects from you and go from there.

For example if you run a wedding blog then you should be writing your blog posts for (presumably) young women interested in pursuing their special day. Depending on the tone of your blog, you may want to use a more colloquial writing style if this is what your audience can most relate to.

Be Unique

The best thing you can do to start marketing your blog is to recognise what makes your brand so unique. One you know the core values of what makes your business tick then the content will follow.

Engage with your audience

Being engaged with your audience means keeping them entertained and connected with your core values. For whatever reason they are on your page, they obviously feel that your brand’s message resonates with them and so they are keen to read and learn more about what you have to say. Do your research and keep on top of the learning process and you will always discover fresh content to write and share with your audience. Do this consistently enough and you will have a fan base!

Communicate on a daily basis

Connecting with your fans means providing them with so much value that they can’t help but feel they know and relate to you on a personal level. Go out of your way to speak with your audience on the daily and they will not only appreciate the effort, but once they see your name often enough, they will begin to trust your opinion. This is the ideal outcome of communicating with your target audience regularly; you build a valuable relationship with them.

Stay true to your message

Don’t overwhelm your readers with too much information. It’s better to give them consistent info rather than mixed messages that may confuse your reader in the long term. Keep things simple at all times and don’t try to convey too much all in one go. For example by conveying information one message at a time you can make more impact than if you try to muddy the waters and communicate too many things at once.

When it comes to writing successful copy, it’s important to speak your truth, be honest and in keeping with your brand. Most importantly, taking your time to craft your message so that it speaks in an authentic manner is vital to increasing your success. People like authenticity and are magnetised by it.

Give to others

The saying ‘We get what we deserve’ is fundamentally true. In the sense that every action results in a reaction. We should therefore focus on giving to others as best as we can, without necessarily expecting anything in return.

This could mean going above and beyond when it comes to delivering fantastic value in your products or services; ebooks, audio files, tutorials or more. The first step in determining what to give away is to decide what your audience isn’t expecting to receive and what they would value the most.

When they receive a valuable gift they will hold you in high regard as you have gone and above their expectations to deliver great value to them.

These are just some tips to get you started with creating your unique voice within blog posts, articles and so on.

The key is to be consistent in every writing endeavour and eventually you will get the results that you desire and your audience will relate your message.

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